-- Ancestor Ostad Mohamad
     -- Ostad Mirza
                             (Married Soltan-Baigom Khalifeh-Soltani)
           -- Ostad Mohamad
                  -- Ostad Sadegh (Married Agha-Bibi, sister of
                                                             Agha-Baigom, wife of Ostad Essmail)
                         -- Nosrat-Khanom
                                  -- Hooshang
                                  -- Mina
                         -- Abbas-Ali
                         -- Mostafa (Married Efat-Khanom Saranj)
                                  -- Mahvash (Married Morteza Banihashemi)
                                            -- Tania (Married Alireza Mir)
                                                  -- Heliya
                                                  -- Rayan
                                            -- Javad
                                            -- Amir
                                  -- Marzieh (Married David Monies)
                                            -- Yashar
                                  -- Mina (Married Dr. Majd Kazemi)
                                  -- Mahboobeh (Married Mohamad Jafarpisheh)
                                            -- Ali
                                            -- Poorya
                         -- Morteza
                         -- Mojtaba (Married Noora)
                                  -- Ramin
                                  -- Kamran
                                  -- Sudabeh
Mostafa Motamedi.
Mostafa and Efat-Khanom Motamedi.
Mostafa and Abbas-Ali.
Mojtaba Motamedi.
Mahvash Motamedi and Morteza Banihashemi with their daughter Tania.
Marzieh Motamedi and her husband David Monies.
Marzieh and her son Yashar.
Mina Motamedi and her husband Dr. Majd Kazemi.
Mahboobeh and Mohamad Jafarpisheh.
Mahboobeh Motamedi.
From left, Kamran, Marzieh, Mojtaba, Sudabeh and Ramin Motamedi.
Mostafa and Mahboobeh Motamedi.
Mostafa Motamedi Remembered
By Kambiz Motamedi, Son of Mohamad-Ali, grandson of Ostad Mehdi, great grandson of Ostad Mohamad.
I remember when my Dad had retired from the oil company and we moved from Ahvaz to Esfahan, Agha Mostafa was there to greet us. He helped us adjust in our new home and environment. I met his beautiful family whom I always respect highly. I remember Agha Mostafa as a calm and happy man -- the man who used to come to our house to socialize and bring ideas for retirement investment, family gatherings, etc. My parents loved him and his family.

I will always remember him with many fun, pleasant memories.
By Koorosh Motamedi,
Son of Mohamad-Ali, grandson of Ostad Mehdi, great grandson of Ostad Mohamad.
Tania with her daughter Heliya.
From left, Ramin, Kamran, Noora and Mojtaba Motamedi.
Mohamad, Mahboobeh and Ali.
Mahboobeh and Poorya.
Mahvash Motamedi and Morteza Banihashemi.
From left, Efat-Khanom, Mina Motamedi and Dr. Majd Kazemi.
Tania, Alireza and Heliya.
Tania, Alireza, Heliya and Rayan.
Tania, Alireza and Rayan.
Rayan, son of Tania and Alireza.