Shahrbanoo (Nanjoon) surrounded by her grand- and greatgrand children, clock-wise, Mohamad-Hossain, Hamdam-Khanom, Mama Pari (holding John), Mehrangiz, Afsar, Parvaneh, Dariush and Hooshang.
From left are, back row, Mohtaram-Khanom, Nosrat-Khanom and Dr. Mohamad-Javad; front row, Ostad Mehdi, husband of Nosrat-Khanom, Mohamad-Ali, Sedigheh-Khanom and Dr. Farangis.
Clockwise, Dariush with Farzad, Mansoor, Masood, Hossain-Ali, Mohamad-Hossain, Hooshang, Mama Pari, Afsar, Mehrangiz, Koorosh and Parvaneh.
From left, back row, Koorosh, Mahin, Mehrangiz, Parvaneh and Hooshang; front row, Masood and Mansoor.
From left, Mahin, Dariush, Hooshang, Parvaneh, Mehrangiz.
From left, back row, Mama Pari, Dr. Farangis; front row, Dariush, Mahin, Mehrangiz and Parvaneh.
From left, Mohamad-Ali and Mohamad-Hossain.
From left, Mohamad-Hossain, Dr. Farangis, Hamdam-Khanom, Mama Pari, Dr. Dariush.
From left, Mitra, Mahin, Ozra-Khanom, Mama Pari, Hamdam-Khanom, Mohamad-Hossain, Nasrollah Afifi and Mohamad-Hassan.
From left, Manzarbanno, Baba Ali (Mohamad-Ali), Mama Pari, Parvaneh, Dr. Mohamad-Javad and Mitra.
From left, Mina, Manzarbanoo, and Dr. Mohamad-Javad.
From left, Mehrangiz, Manzarbanoo, and Mahin; Mina in front.
From left, back row, Dr. Farangis, Dr. Mohamad-Javad, Mahin, Manzarbanoo, Mehrdad and Mohamad; in front, Vida and Mina.
From left, Mehrzad, Mehrdad, Mina, Faati, Mitra.
Hooshang, left, and Mehrdad.
Mahin holding Mina.
From left, Mehrdad, Mehrzad and Behzad.
Marjaneh and her uncle (amoo) Abbas.
From left, back row, Taha Moarefi, Nasrollah Afifi, Manzarbanoo and Mahin; front row, Dr. Mohamad-Javad, Mitra, and Mina.
From left, Mina, Farah and Fereshteh.
From left, Faati and Mina.
From left, Faati Motamedi, Vida Farhoudi and Mina Afifi.
From left, back row, Abolghassem Janghorban, Mohamad-Hassan and Bizhan Motamedi; middle row, Zinat-Khanom, Rabab-Khanom and Ozra-Khanom Motamedi, Abbas Janghorban, Mohamad, Sina, Anoosh and Bahman Motamedi; in front, Nooshin Motamedi.
Fereshteh, Mohamad-Hassan and Mina.
Mina and Mohamad-Hassan.
ln this picture are Vida, Mahin, Behzad, Yalda and John.
From left, back row, Kambiz, Anoosh and Mehrdad; front row, Mehrzad and Mina.
Mehrdad, left, and Sina.
From left, standing, Baba Ali (Mohamad-Ali), Mohamad-Hassan, Sina, Simin (holding Human), Bizhan, Mama Pari, Roya and Ozra-Khanom; seated, Toozhan, Soozan, Hengameh and Farah.
From left, Michael, Mina, Parvaneh and Foroud.
Mama Pari and Dr. Siruss.
From left, Dr. Dariush, Hilde, Hamdam-Khanom, Mina and Michael.
Dr. Farangis and Mama Pari.
Dr. Hooshang, left, and Dr. Siruss with Mama Pari.
From left, Baba Ali (Mohamad-Ali), Mama Pari, Bahman and Dr. Farangis.
Mama Pari, left, and Mina.
From left, Manzarbanoo, Mama Pari and  Baba Ali Motamedi.
From left, Mahin, Mohtaram-Khanom and Mama Pari.
From left, Dr. Farangis, Mama Pari, Saideh, Pari and Anoosh; Mahin in the back.
From left, Azar, Bahman and Mina.
From left, Toozhan, Fereshteh and Mahin.
Kambiz and Mina.
From left, Andre, Parvaneh and Dr. Hooshang.
From left, Sudabeh, Mandana, Dr. Dariush, Hilde and Mina.
From left, Shaahin, Mina, Dr. Mohamad-Javad and Showkat-Khanom.
From left, Parvaneh, Vida and Mina.
From left, Showkat-Khanom and Mina.
From left, Dr. Sudabeh, Dr. Dariush, Mahin, Hilde.
Dr. Farangis, Mama Pari, Taba.
Mahin, left, and Mina.
From left, Fereshteh, Mina and Dr. Hooshang.
From left, back row, Efat-Khanom, Mama Pari, Agha-Mostafa, Mahin; front row, Koorosh, Behnam, Babak.
From left, Mama Pari, Afsar and Hossain.
From left, Mehrangiz, Mama Pari and Afsar.
From left, Anoosh, John and Shaahin Motamedi.
From left, standing, Shaahin (holding Vandad), Neda, Anoosh and Nima. Seated is Saideh.

Dr. Hooman hugging Dr. Farangis, right, and Showkat-Khanom.
From left, Foroud, Mahin and Mitra.
From left, Dr. Siruss, Anoosh, Dr. Dariush, John and Kambiz.
Lida and Vida visiting their cousin Koorosh and his family Ghadam, Babak, Elham and Hasti.
A great family picture that includes some of the grand and great grandchildren of Shahrbanoo "Nanjoon".
The Ghassemzadehs, from left, Saeed, Sharon, Masood, Robin, Ladan and Mansoor.
Another great photo….Some of the children and grandchildren of Ostad Mehdi.
Another great family photo… one that crosses Family Tree branches. They are all descendants of our Ancestor Mohamad and his son Ostad Mirza. They are great grand-children of Ostad Ali-Naghi and Ostad Mohamad posing for a once-in-a-life-time picture. Among them are Koorosh and Ghadam with their family; Mahmood and Roohangiz and Ebrahim and their families… all Motamedis showing family unity.
From left, Koorosh and Mahmood Motamedi.
From left, Roohangiz, Ghadam, Koorosh and Mahmood.
From left, Dr. Mehdi, Tahereh-Khanom, Mama Pari and Baba Ali.
Mama Pari and Baba Ali Motamedi, standing, and from left seated, Kambiz Motamedi and Javad Janghorban.
Mama Pari, left, and Mohtaram-Khanom.
Mama Pari, left, with Mohsen Janghorban, center, and Abbas Motamedi.
Mixed Family Photos
From left, back row, Hossain Moeinzadeh, Hossain Moarefi-Memar, Agha-Taha Moarefi-Memar, Abbas-Ali Motamedi and Sarhang Abbas Ghassemzadeh; front row, Kiean Moarefi, Amir Motahary and Kievan Moarefi.
A reunion sometime during the 1950s brought together several members of the Motamedi, Moarefi-Memar and Afifi families in Ahvaz, Iran
From left, back row, Mama Pari (holding John), and Dr. Farangis; front row, Parvaneh and Mahin.
From left, back row, Farangis and Mohamad-Javad; front row, Mehrangiz, Hamdam-Khanom, Afsar, Mohamad-Hossain and Dariush.
From left, back row, Dariush, Mohamad-Hassan, Ozra-Khanom, Mehrangiz, Dr. Mohamad-Javad, Afsar, Mohamad-Ali "Baba Ali" and Mama Pari; front row, Toozhan, Sina, Hooshang and Parvaneh.
Mohamad-Ali and Afsar Motamedi.
From left, Afsar Motamedi, Dr. Farangis Motamedi and Dr. Abolhassan Farhoudi.
From left, standing, Manzarbanoo (holding Mehrzad), Mehrangiz, Dr. Mohamad-Javad, Hossain-Ali, Afsar, Dariush and Mohamad-Hassan; seated, Mehrdad and Nasrollah Afifi.
Standing, Afsar (holding Mehrzad Afifi); seated from left, Manzarbanoo and Mehrangiz.
From left, Afsar, Ozra-Khanom, Mehrangiz, Mama Pari, Mohamad-Ali "Baba Ali" and Mahin.
From left, Afsar, Ostad Ali, Hamdam-Khanom and Mohamad-Hossain.
From left, Mahin, Mama Pari, Afsar and Hossain.
Mahin in the back; in the front from left, Farzad, Mehrangiz, Mama Pari and Afsar.
From left, Mohamad-Hossain Motamedi, Dr. Farangis Motamedi and Dr. Abolhassan Farhoudi.
From left, Hooshang, Hossain-Ali, Afsar, Hamdam-Khanom, Farzad and Behzad Motamedi.
From left, Mehrangiz and Mahin Motamedi.